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BTL-6000 SWT Topline with accessories


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BTL-6000 Focus Shockwave technology offers the highest lifespan with constant shock intensity and a perfect balance between high Energy Flux Density and optimal Focal Zone size. It has the highest frequency range on the market for a wide spectrum of indications.

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BTL-6000 SWT Topline
BTL-6000 SWT Topline brings a whole new formula of treatment for chronic disorders of musculoskeletal system. Radial shockwave allows for changing the character of shocks by using different transmitters. As the maximum intensity is concentrated superficially, the therapy is suitable for treatment of superficially lying tissues.

Description BTL-6000 SWT Topline
The BTL-6000 SWT Topline is a state-of-the-art device allowing the application of therapy using non-invasive shockwaves. Shockwaves are one of the most effective ways to treat pain associated with the musculoskeletal system. Musculoskeletal pain is currently the second-leading cause of absences in the workplace.
The device is equipped with a color touch screen on the main unit which considerably simplifies its use. The touch screen is equipped with a stylus (touch-pen) for easy operation of the device. The horizontally orientation of the device allows the information on the screen to be seen clearly from different servicing positions.

Additionally, the brightness of the screen can be set to match the lighting in the room of the office or the health-care center. The on-screen information will guide the user step by step through the entire therapy process. The therapeutic parameters are easily set using the touch screen buttons and knobs/keys on the device.

Therapy is easily and efficiently started by simply selecting a diagnosis from an alphabetized list of treatment protocols or by selecting a therapy program. The treatment parameters can be manually set by the simple use of the touch screen buttons. Throughout the course of a therapy session, the device will keep the user informed about the therapeutic method in use, the type of treatment, the total number of shocks to be applied, the number of shocks applied and remaining, the frequency being used, the intensity and other necessary data.

A time-saving feature of the BTL-6000 SWT Topline is the predefined programs stored in the memory of the main unit. Based on detailed research and practical use of the device, the well-organized predefined programs will provide recommendations for the treatment of various conditions.
The BTL-6000 SWT Topline allows the entering of client names and other relevant information into the internal memory of the device and to link their data with the predefined programs or with the user’s own. When a client has a return visit, simply call up their name and begin the pre-set therapy.

We also carry a specially-designed cart for the BTL-6000 SWT Topline which is sold separately. The design allows convenient movement and use of the device. Four stable castors ensure smooth and easy movement of the device in the office or the health-care center.

A substantial part of the shockwave energy penetrates into the liquid (of the organism) with a great positive pressure pulse. Its diffusion is only limited by the actual tissue absorption and eventual reflections on acoustic non-homogeneities.

A shockwave is defined as a pressure pulse with these characteristics:

• High positive pressure amplitude: 10 to 1000 MPa = 100 to 1000 Bar (100x atmospheric pressure)
• Low negative pressure amplitude: 1 to 10 MPa
• Short time duration: 1 µs to 20 µs
• Rapid pressure increase: < 100 ns
• Broad frequency spectrum: 1 Hz to 1 MHz

For therapeutic applications, these values are lower, especially the maximum pressure amplitude. The maximum pressure amplitude is about 15 MPa, the pulse length is 10 to 20 µs, and the frequency of the applied shockwave is 1 to 15Hz. The treatment is generally carried out without local anaesthesia and lasts about 15 to 30 minutes. During the first week after treatment, the client should avoid all physical activities that could excessively strain the treated area.


• Erythema or swelling can temporarily occur in the treated area.
• Loss of bodily sensation or itching can temporarily occur in the treated area
• Hematoma
• Petechiae
• Skin damage after previous corticoid therapy
• Shockwave application can cause undesirable heart activity

Shock waves causes cell stimulation and growth factor release that result in tissue regeneration. Therapy provokes reparation processes in tendons and bones and achieve below medical effects:

Medical effects BTL-6000 SWT Topline :

  • Promote blood circulation
  • Loosen adhesions
  • Relieve pain
  • Treat superficial damaged tissue
  • Eliminate calcification
  • Relieve fatigue

Clinical evidence BTL-6000 SWT Topline

  • Chronic pelvic pain – Pain reduced 62%
  • Lateral epicondylitis – Pain at rest reduced 85% ; Pain during touching reduced 83%
  • Chronic plantar fasciitis – Pain reduced 50%

Features & Benefits BTL-6000 SWT Topline

  • Technology
  • The strongest portable radial shockwave weighting only 7kg
  • 2 million shock lifespan
  • Applicator
  • Ergonomic applicator with easy maintenance

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