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Solea 2.0 dental laser with handpieces, handpiece cable, operator key, foot pedal, mirrors, laser safety glasses, and care kits
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Convergent Solea 2.0 Dental Diode Laser Surgery System Specifications
Manufacturer: Convergent
Model: Solea 2.0
Laser Style: Cart
Fiber-Optic Trunk Condition:Functional
Laser Type:All-Tissue
Software Version: 3.2.2

That’s exactly why he invested in the Solea computer-aided, CO2 laser system from Convergent Dental. The Solea makes it possible for him to provide reliably anesthesia-free dentistry, making patients more comfortable accepting treatment, while also bringing many benefits to the practice.

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The Solea has contributed enormously to practice growth. The practice has seen 20 percent annual growth and an average of 55 new patient referrals per month, and I attribute that to the Solea. I’ve even had to hire a new associate to keep up with the patient demand.

Solea’s effect on my practice has been immediate and dramatic, but what makes the dental laser truly unique is Convergent Dental’s commitment to innovation. My Solea is regularly upgraded over Wi-Fi with free software. Oftentimes, I go to sleep and wake up to an upgraded Solea that cuts even faster and more precisely.

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I invested in this laser because I want to change the way the dental industry is perceived. With Solea, I’m able to remove everything patients hate about the dentist.

What Dr. Slaten says about the Solea laser

The Solea wasn’t my first dental laser. I frequently used a diode laser for soft tissue procedures but was never really satisfied with the results. I wanted a laser that could do more than ablate soft tissue. I knew if I could find an all-tissue laser solution it would dramatically change my patients’ experience.

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Convergent Solea 2.0 Dental Diode Laser Surgery System

During my search, I was introduced to Solea, Convergent Dental’s CO2 9.3 micron dental laser, and was amazed by the technology. Unlike other all-tissue dental lasers, Solea allows dentists to cut any tissue without changing any settings. It’s as simple as turning Solea on, directing the beam at the desired tissue and stepping on the variable speed foot pedal.

The one-setting-fits-all-approach has significantly increased efficiency in my office and, most importantly, Solea’s ease of use has enabled me to reliably perform anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free and pain-free procedures. Solea has brought many benefits, but the best part is when I see the look of amazement on a patient’s face after I’ve finished a procedure without using anesthesia.

I’ve never seen another dental technology like Solea. Since we began using Solea, fewer patients cancel their appointments because they’re fearful, increasing production and reducing the downtime that comes with cancellations and no-shows. Referrals are also up, with more happy patients telling their family and friends about the great experience they had at our practice.

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